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Here is a simple list of things parent and vistors to our school can do. There are also items mentioned to keep our school safe. Click on the above for this worthwhile document.

Do fill out a Free/Reduced Lunch application. Don’t dismiss or think you would not qualify. We need as many applications as possible!

Do bring only store bought items for a child’s birthday (if you would like). Don’t bring any home baked items to school for students or balloons. Balloons and/or flowers will stay in the office until dismissal.

Do fill out a Megan’s Law form each year in order to volunteer in a classroom or on a fieldtrip.

When on campus, do call your child over to speak with him/her separately from other students. Don’t approach any student, other than your own, while on campus.

Do volunteer in your child’s classroom. Don’t go onto the playground. Education Code calls for a requirement of a certificated employee to be there.

Do expect the school to have an area for you and your child to eat separately from the group if you would like to have lunch with your child at school. Don’t expect to be able to eat with your child and their friends at school without the presence of a certificated employee.

If on campus with your child before or after school or during lunch, please use the restroom in the nurse’s office. Please do not use student restrooms or accompany your child to the student restrooms. Do take him/her to the nurse’s office.

Do expect your child to be able to bring a cell phone to school. Don’t expect them to be able to take it out during the school day.

Do expect a call from the school’s health tech if they are to be sent home for being sick.  Don’t pick up your child if they are calling you from the bathroom using their cell phone or a friend’s. This is a violation of the cell phone policy. Do instruct him/her to go to the health tech office.

Do inform the school nurse about any health conditions your child may have. Don’t send your child to school with any over the counter medications.

Do fill out a doctor’s consent form to have medication administered to your child. Don’t expect school staff to administer any medication to your child, even cough drops, without a signed consent form from your child’s doctor.

Do use the sidewalks in front of the school. Don’t walk through the parking lot.

Do drop your child off at the gate at the end of the playground. Don’t stop at the front of the school, it blocks others from entering campus.

Do pull down to the gate at the end of the playground or use 12th street for drop off. Try not to drop students off at the stairs at the side of the cafeteria, unless they are in kindergarten.

Do call the school if your child is going to be absent 797-5171. Don’t wait more than five days or the absence will go down as unexcused.

Please do understand that the biggest key to student learning is school attendance. Don’t assume that an “excused” absence is an allowable one. “Excused” is simply a label placed on an absence. All absences negatively affect a child’s learning and our school.

Do expect a meeting at school once your child has ten absences or more. Do expect regular letters informing you of your child’s attendance referring to Education Code regarding student attendance. Do expect a School Attendance Review Board meeting for continued absences.

Do send your child to Saturday School! Don’t think it is a punishment. Students have a recess, use our computers, get help from a credential teacher, and can have time to complete assignments. Saturday School helps your child and helps our school! Do look for opportunities to increase your child’s learning time, it will make a difference!

Do teach your child to tell an adult if they are being bothered at school. Don’t teach your child to “hit back.” Self Defense means that there is no other option. There are always options at school. Student can choose to tell an adult.

Do expect your child, in the upper grades, to take a Bullying Survey twice a year. The survey allows for a proactive approach to these issues.

Do Google: California Penal Code Section 417.27 regarding laser pointers. Don’t purchase a laser pointer for your child. 

We do participate in Operation Clean SWEEP; a program that seeks to enhance

the security of all students in county schools, while at the same time establishing responsibility, discipline and accountability in respect to student actions. Students 10 years old or older may be ticketed by our Sheriff Dept for certain violations including stealing, vandalism, fighting, and truancy.

Do expect our yard duty aides to monitor the playground. Don’t expect yard duty aides to administer school consequences. Only certificated employees administer consequences to students using our YCJUSD Elementary Disciplinary Action Chart.

Do encourage your child to participate in before school and after school activities. Do look for opportunities to increase your child’s learning time!


Do keep animals at home. Don’t bring any animal to school even on a leash.


Do keep valuable property, such as Ipods, cell phones, cameras, musical instruments, expensive jewelry, etc. at home. As per California Education Code section 35213,

The Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School

District is prohibited by law from reimbursing students for lost, destroyed or damaged personal property brought by them onto school grounds. For this reason, the District discourages students from bringing such items onto campus.

Do place anyone who might be picking up your child at school on their emergency release card. Don’t expect anyone to check a student out from school without an ID.

Do call ahead at least 24 hours to request homework. Don’t expect to come to school to get work that same day, although you are welcomed to check in with their teacher after school\ in the classroom.


Do get prior teacher/administrative approval before visiting the classroom. Please contact teachers the day before you wish to visit the class. Don’t expect classroom instruction to be interrupted to obtain approval to visit the classroom.

Do check our lost and found regularly. Don’t expect items to be returned if they do not contain your child’s name on it. Put your child’s name on everything if you want it returned when lost.

Do update your phone number in the office if it has recently been changed.


Do expect the school office to relay a note to your child. Don’t expect to have your call put through to the classroom. We try to limit classroom interruptions.


Do take advantage of Medi-Cal counseling available at school for students who carry the insurance. It does build up their self-esteem!

Do utilize email to communicate with your child’s teacher. Email addresses can be found on our school website. Do visit our school website: http://ycjusd.dunlap.schoolfusion.us/

Do keep the learning going outside the classroom. Any activity is an opportunity for learning, count soccer balls, for example. 'If I had 10 soccer balls and I took seven away, how many would I have left?'" Do look at our Learning Targets for each grade level on our website. Do look for opportunities to increase your child’s learning time, it will make a difference!

Do attend a PTA meeting. We need PTA helpers. School field trips and school assemblies rely solely on the effectiveness of our PTA.

Do have a great experience at Dunlap!

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